Exhibit Categories

(1)  Boats & Yachts

  • Yacht and Boat
    Tourist Boat, Motor Boat, PWC, Jet Propulsion Boat, Surfboat, Rowing Boat, Rubber Boat, Racing Boat, Electric-Boat, Water-Land Craft, Multi-Hull Craft, Fishing Boat, Inflatable Craft (both rigid and soft bottomed),
  • Propulsion Machinery and Propulsion System, Operation, Auxiliary Equipment, communication and navigation system
    Inboard Motor, Outboard Motor, Marine Electrical Motor, Diesel Engine, Generator, Air Conditioner, Marine Gearbox, Anchor Chain, Propeller, Actuator, Jet-Propulsion Device, Pump, Rudder and Steering System, Autopilot, Hydraulic Unit, Air-Cushions Skirt System and its Appliance, Deck Machinery, Anti-rolling System
  • Water Sports-Appliance
    Sport Craft, Sailing Boat, Motor Sailing-Boat, Tourist And Sightseeing Boat, Tourist Submersible Boat, Pedalo, Water Recreation Appliance, etc
  • Others
    Equipment and facilities for marina, yacht clubs, waterfront real estate projects, water sports clubs, consultation, yacht design and related services.

(2)  Luxury & Modern Lifestyle

  • Financial institutions, top grade clubs
  • Real estate projects
  • Top grade automobiles & auxiliaries
  • Luxury goods including wine, tea, health food and clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, brand name watches
  • Sports and recreational products
  • Handicraft articles, paintings, antiques and other cultural products

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