Dalian Boat Show 2011
June 16 – 19, 2011
Dalian Xinghai Bay Marina
Dalian, China

Birds' Eye View of DBS 2010

The annual China (Dalian) International Boat Show will take place again at the beautiful Xinghai bay marina in Dalian, China on 16th June 2011. The event is organized by the departments of Liaoning provincial, Dalian municipal government and industry Association, held by Dalian Xinghai Exhibitions Co., Ltd. and Dalian Xinghai Bay International Yacht Club. The multiple brand yachts of domestic and foreign firms will be displayed and sold during the boat show; and the yacht industry awards dinner, yacht industry development seminar, water-related activities and other events will also be held during the show.

Since last year, Dalian Boat Show has changed the place from exhibition hall to outdoor Xinghai Bay Marina. This breakthrough change has received wide supports from well-known abroad and home yacht firms. The world top yacht brand AZIMUT, Ferretti, Schenker, Teorema, Princess, sunseeker, Silverton, LARSON, Rinker, Grady-White, Pursuit and LAGOON have confirmed their participation at the show. In like manner, domestic yacht builders Speedomarine, Far East Boats, Xigang Yacht, Keyuan Yacht, Jet-Turn Marine, Qingdao Lingbo, IAG YACHTS, Jianglong Yacht, Songliao Celebrity, Hengda, Searo, Aurora-yachts and ODC Marine are also actively participating to the show.

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